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The Galaxy has changed in the millenia you have been sleeping. The Grineer empire has grown rapidly through its development of cloning and now threatens to conquer all in the name of the Twin Queens. The Corpus conglomerate have arisen under the mercantile leadership of Nef Anyo and will destroy all in the way of their profit margins. Finally... A faction once thought removed from this universe has resurfaced and brings with it the threat of complete annihilation.

Only you can stop the galaxy descending in to Chaos. You are the Tenno, masters of blade and gun. The last bastion in the face of overwhelming odds. Will you join the fight with us?


We are PixelPub. A conclave of like minded Tenno who have banded together to control and contain the growing threats. We invite all Tenno to join us regardless of Age, Gender, Experience or Skill. With a diverse Discord community from all corners of the globe and players of varying levels of experience, you will always be able to find a group of friends to continue your mission and have any questions answered. Come join us today on our Discord server and we can get you into one of our ever growing clans no matter which gaming system you play on.

PC Clan

Rank 10 Mountain clan with 100% research done

PS4 Clan

Rank 10 Storm clan with 100% research done

XB1 Clan

Rank 10 Storm clan with 100% research done

Switch Clan

Rank 7 Mountain clan with 50% research done

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