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Mankind’s fate is up to us, the Freelancers. We are an elite group of pilots equipped with Javelin exosuits to help fight against the ruthless environment of a chaotic world. The land is vast, ever changing and full of unshackled beasts. Our group of lancers will help you survive in this harsh environment. You will find partners and friends along the way when exploring with us. We are a guild, a family, a community and we need you. Join now, fight with us to save humanity in the world of Anthem. We welcome all Freelancers no matter their age or skill level.

PixelPub Anthem Guild Community

Guilds are here! The PixelPub community has a guild for each platform!

To join follow these steps:

> Download the mobile application: iOS / Android <

> Login and choose your platform (PS4, XB1, PC) <

> Search for PixelPub & Request to Join <

> Join our Discord server & DM the Ticket Tool to be accepted <

The guild leaders will also check periodically to see if there are any new requests. 

Have questions? Join the Discord and speak with a Staff member today!

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