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PixelPub is an international gaming community that strives to provide the best in social gaming. We provide a fun and safe social gaming environment in and out of game.


PixelPub welcomes all gamers! We believe that gaming should be experienced by all ages and skill levels. We provide rules that emphasizes respect and kindness to one another, this is the cornerstone of PixelPub. If players are respectful and kind to one another, great things can be achieved.


Gaming is more than just a hobby. It brings us together across cultures and ages. PixelPub is here to help gamers do what they do best, play games! Join today, meet the community and create some great gaming experiences together!


Screen Shot 2019-01-26 at 7.08.51 PM_edi


Owner & Founder of PixelPub

"Gaming is part of my life and I love sharing my experiences with others. PixelPub allows for all gamers to create fun experiences together in a fun and safe environment. Seeing gamers come together, form groups, talk games and helping one another shows that gaming is not just a hobby, but something that binds us together across countries, cultures and ages. I do enjoy facilitating the social gaming experience within PixelPub, but I also enjoy playing games. Some of my favorite game franchises include: WoW, Borderlands, Destiny and Mass Effect. I hope to see you in-game or on our community Discord Server! Happy Gaming!"

Twitter: @Bloodrave120



Staff & Development Lead

"I have always had a passion for gaming, between the stories and interactions between PC and NPC alike.  It became one of my driving factors of deciding to become a software engineer.  The joy of RPGs drove me also to play all sorts of table-top games, from more casual games of Exploding Kittens to full RPG table tops ranging from D&D (DM and PC), VtM, SWd20, just to name a few.  I have been privileged to be part of this community since the beginning and look forward to seeing it to continue to grow."




"I'm a member who can be commonly seen talking in multiple are as of the discord including anime, D2, and WF. I'm always willing to chat and group up with current and existing members. My UK sense of humor may be hard to detect in text chat but get me in VC and you will see that 90% of what I say is sarcasm. I own all consoles but main PS4 and PC."


Click here for our Fan Kit

Assets provided in the PixelPub Fan Kit are protected under the creative commons license. For more information click the CC icon below or visit:

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