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Bros Before Foes (US-EAST)

Server: Cantref Gwaelod

Region: NA | Faction: Marauders | Language: English | Focus: PvX | Recruiting: Yes


Bros Before Foes Provides:

  • Game Giveaways!

  • Scheduled Company Events

  • A friendly, helpful and respectful community

  • A larger gaming community of over 7,000 players called PixelPub

  • Company Website, Community Merchandise Opportunities and Discord Partnered Server

About Us:

We are Bros Before Foes, a company that strives to provide a rewarding and fun experience within New World. New World is best played with gamers that respect and help one another, this is the cornerstone of our company. When players are respectful, helpful and have a common goal, great things can be achieved. Whether that goal is defeat the other factions in open world pvp or gear up in dungeons, we got it.

We are recruiting all players! In our company you will meet like-minded players willing to help you in your journey. Meeting other players, creating friendships and great experiences is what we want for our members. We also have plenty of chat rooms for all sorts of New World related content. Bros Before Foes is not only a company, but a gaming community.

We love New World but we also enjoy other games and game types. We encourage our clan members not only to play New World together, but play the games you love, meet new people and be a part of a great community of gamers. Request to join today!

How to Join:


  • Join the Discord

  • Assign the New World role to yourself and use the command ?joincompany

  • This will alert a New World company administrator for next steps

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