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Server Owner: PixelPub

Server Admins: Bloodrave120


Minecraft Bedrock Server

Mods, Server Modifications are implemented using player feedback. Player feedback are processed by being a part of our Discord Server and using the Staff Mail Bot. This put you in direct contact with our PixelPub staff.


Game Type: Survival 

Difficulty: Hard

Mojang Server Invite Link:


 Discord Server Owners/Admins

  • @Bloodrave120#0001


Server Rules

  • Server Moderators are not here to make your life easier. Please do not spam the mod team requesting changes. Any such behavior will result in a warning then a permanent ban from the servers.

  • This is a community team based server. Join us on Discord.

  • Any caustic behavior or yelling and accusations will be dealt with very harshly for the benefit of the entire server.

  • If you have ANY issues with players or the server PLEASE bring it up with PixelPub Staff on Discord.

  • Cheating/ bug-using/glitching is forbidden.

  • Harassing other players is forbidden. This includes Nazi content, insults, sexist and radical expressions as well as verbal abuse.

  • If you are discovered using foul language or abusive language in another language text or voice, you will be banned.

  • Any amount of excessive pestering to other players for help, or asking admins for cheat items, or admin mode, can and probably will result in a temp ban of a week.

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