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Guild Wars 2 is a vast and robust world full of Dragons, machines, epic battles and of course loot! But what makes Guild Wars 2 great is the community that it creates within the guilds. At PixelPub, we strive to provide the best in social gaming in and out of game. Our Guild Wars 2 clan is no exception, we do our best to run dungeons, daily events with one another. As our guild grows we plan to take on new challenges together and experience all of what the game has to offer.

Guild Details:


~~ Guild Leaders: Espressoknight & Ninjamonkee ~~

~~ Smaller Guild  (currently about 20 people) ~~
~~ Guild weeklies run on Friday evenings ~~

~~ Looking for new as well as experienced players ~~

We are working on making plans for laid back Raiding parties, WVW teams, PVP matches, Event clears, Map runs and other weekly events. 

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