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Your Adventure Starts...

You wake up on the shores of a cold and hostile beach, no clothing and completely alone, You look around, surrounded by prehistoric creatures. Some look friendly, some not so much. You decide to climb to the highest point you can find and try to find something that might help. You see what looks to be a beacon dropping from the sky. Perhaps it holds something to help? Perhaps it will only lead you to your death. You begin your decent, hoping for the best, until you hear loud crunching of snow behind you, and a shadow covering yours, you run for your life with the sound of hostile screeching behind you....


Welcome to Ark Survival Evolved! A prehistoric survival game. You must work with the local wildlife to survive. Build your base, begin taming and making friends. Form bonds with the creatures to build a stronger base…

Our Community!


PixelPub, a large gaming community is proud to host a PvE Ark Server for the community. Make friends, build your base, and fight bosses. PixelPub servers are committed to having a great experience, as a community. Since the server is PvE, the gameplay focuses on community building, exploring dungeons, and killing the bosses! Enjoy the scenery, taming dinosaurs and building awesome forts with your tribe mates, or go it solo and see if you can survive the harsh landscapes on your own! We welcome all PvE play styles.


Server Owner: PixelPub

Server Admins: Bloodrave120


Ark PC Server

Maps, Mods, and multipliers are switched on a quarterly basis. The map is voted on by the community and the mods are submitted by the community and voted on by the server admins.


Season Map: Valguero_P


  • S+

  • Kibble Table

  • Bitou2ks Binoculars

  • Stack Mod

  • Upgrade Station

  • Dino Tracker

  • Backpacks

  • Valguero Dino and Map Extension

  • Additional Dinos : Valguero

  • Platforms Plus (Open Source)

  • ecoTrees

Season Multipliers:

  • XP - 5X

  • Taming Speed - 8X

  • Harvest Amount - 6x

  • Mating Interval - 0.2X

  • Egg Hatch Speed - 15X

  • Baby Mature Speed - 15X

  • Baby Cuddle Interval - 0.12X

  • Passive Tame Interval - 3X

Weekly Maintenance Schedule:

  • Saturday Morning 6:30 AM EDT - 7:30 AM EDT





 Server Owners/Admins

  • @Bloodrave120#0001


Server Rules

  • Server Moderators are not here to make your life easier. This is ARK Survival, not your mom's knitting class. Please do not spam the mod team requesting they kill dinos in your path, or help you to ascend by spawning in bosses. Any such behavior will result in a warning then a permanent ban from the servers.

  • This is a community team based server. As such the global chat is wide opened and CAN be used to chat. If this bothers you. Either turn your global chat off or find a different server. We are here to talk and have fun.

  • Any caustic behavior or yelling and accusations will be dealt with very harshly for the benefit of the entire server.

  • If you have ANY issues with players or the server PLEASE bring it up with the server admins in a private chat!!! Allow us to help resolve the issue as peacefully as possible :)

  • Cheating/ bug-using/glitching is forbidden.

  • Harassing other players is forbidden. This includes Nazi content, insults, sexist and radical expressions as well as verbal abuse.

  • Luring dinos to bases is forbidden (unless it is your own base).

  • English only in the Global Chat. If you are discovered using foul language or abusive language in another language text or voice, you will be banned.

  • After 14 days of inactivity, your base and its contents are subject to removal in order to keep building spots free, and the rendering down. If you will be gone for longer then 14 days you MUST talk with an admin to avoid this.

  • Any amount of excessive pestering to other players for help, or asking admins for cheat items, or admin mode, can and probably will result in a temp ban of a week.



Create your own tribe or join PixelPub’s official community tribe! Should you join the community PixelPub tribe, it comes with some guideline rules during initiation! It’s basically a tribe for everyone to band together and play but also have your own personal base.



  • You must adhere to all PixelPub’s server rules.

  • PixelPub-owned bases personally belong to different members of the tribe. We ask you to have clear consent before taking any dinosaurs or belongings from those personally-made bases. You must also have clear consent to alter personally owned bases or build within render distance of personally owned bases.

  • If it is not yours, do not use it. Dinosaur-wise or item-wise, no matter how cool, tempting, or easy it is.


  • No 3rd Party programs

  • Building inside/under the map meshes

  • Duplicating items

  • Multi-layering Walls

  • Abusing platforms to clip through structures

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